Along with some of my usual and more traditional blog posts from day-to-day life or events from my past, I also enjoy writing fiction, and have been doing so since a very young age.  My fictional work covers a wide variety of genres, and my influences include classic as well as modern authors such as Alexander Dumas, Robert E. Howard, H. Rider Haggard, Edgar Allen Poe, Victor Hugo, H.P. Lovecraft, Sam Shepard, R.A. Salvatore, Ernest Hemingway, and Jack London, to name a few.

From time to time I will be posting some short stories or even excerpts from larger novella length stories on my blog.


ronin honor complete

A Ronin’s Honor – posted 2/28/13.  I’ve always had a fascination with medieval Japan.  This is an excerpt from a much longer story I had started writing several years ago.  There are actually several chapters written to this story, and over the years since I first started writing it I have continued to go back and add more.  Maybe someday I will finish it.

A Ronin’s Honor has been e-published and is free.  You can find it at the links provided below:

Smashwords – A Ronin’s Honor

Amazon – A Ronin’s Honor



Projected book cover for "A WHISPER IN THE DARK"

Projected book cover for “A WHISPER IN THE DARK”

A Whisper in the Dark – A short novella length story.  A period piece with some low fantasy elements and hints of the occult and sometimes supernatural.  It’s based on a character I created nearly fifteen years ago; Monsieur Navarr Doucette, Le Chevalier dAnjou.  I have many incomplete stories written with this character, most are short, but I also have a few nearing novel length that I never finished.

Here is the story description as will be seen on

The small city of Tulle-sur-Mer.  Winding city streets.  The Blue Sparrow Inn.  A secret passage.  An agent of the Queen.  A man in disguise.  Long forgotten catacombs.  Dusty bones.  Large rats.  Hidden agendas.  Thieves.  Murder.  Revenge.  What do those all have in common?  A Whisper in the Dark.

Stopping for the night after a weary day of travel should have been a trivial thing.  For Navarr Doucette, an agent of the Queen on a secret assignment, he soon finds that it’s quite the contrary when staying at the Blue Sparrow Inn.  What should have been a quiet night of sleep before returning to the road in the morning soon turns into a frantic night of mystery and survival.

A Whisper in the Dark is a thrilling tale of chilling suspense, dark mystery, and sinister intrigue.

As of 5/8/13, A Whisper in the Dark has been e-published and can be found online at the links below.

Sample excerpt can be found here on my blog: A Whisper in the Dark

Amazon – A Whisper in the Dark



Ronin #2 Cover CompleteDuel at Strolling Ponds – Published on Amazon and Smashwords on 6/28/13.  This is a short story that continues where A RONIN’S HONOR left off.  Find out what happens next for Katsume Shogoro and his quest to restore his clan’s lost honor.








Untitled NOVEL LENGTH sequel to A Whisper in the Dark – Currently this story is about 75% complete.  It picks up a few months after the events in A WHISPER IN THE DARK.  I hope to have it ready for publication someday.

 The Fallen Earth – A novel that details a deadly influenza pandemic, and how one man deals with it and tries to move on with his life.  About half way complete.  I spend time on this sparingly.  No idea if I will ever finish it.  It reads much like a person’s personal journal.

Untitled work in Norse Mythology – This story has moved past the information gathering stage.  It involves a Northman by the name of Folkvar Styrmirson, an outcast from his clan living in the wilds of what would be similar to Viking-Age Scandinavia.